In person

Our training courses are in person. They can be organized in-house or at a location nearby your staff. You choose!


The training is split in to two days. One day of class-room theory and one day of hands-on excersises using Virtual Machines


The complete internals and protocols will be covered during the training. Starting with the design philosophy behind Ceph working towards the inner workings of RADOS, RBD, Rados Gateway and CephFS

Covered topics


RADOS, the Reliable Autonomous Distributed Object Store is the fundament of Ceph. Combined with the powerfull CRUSH algorithm it enables Ceph to scale. During the training course you will take a deep-dive into RADOS and find out how it works

Rados Block Device

On top of the RADOS there Rados Block Device (RBD) provides flexible block devices for your OpenStack, CloudStack or other cloud. The training course will explain how these block devices work in Ceph and the powerfull features they provide

RADOS Gateway

The RADOS Gateway provides a S3 and OpenStack Swift compliant REST-API to natively integrate with existing software. During the training you will learn how this gateway works. The lab excersises will learn you on how to deploy the gateway and store data in it


The POSIX compliant filesystem allows your to build a drop-in replacement for NFS with Ceph. The lab excercises will teach you how to deploy this filesystem and replace your existing (NFS) fileservers with CephFS

Who is Wido?

Wido den Hollander (NL) is a fan of Open Source software. Since 2009 he has been a member of the Ceph community.

His background is in the hosting industry where he has build complex IT-infrastructures which require 24/7 access.

In the past years he has deployed Ceph clusters at numerous clients over the world. Ranging from tens of TerraBytes to PetaBytes in size.

During his involvement in the Ceph community he has contributed various components, patches and fixed bugs. A highlight of his contributions:

PHP and Java

PHP and Java bindings for librados

RBD for libvirt

RBD storage pool integration of libvirt


Various IPv6 patches for Ceph

Advanced training

Next to the Basic Ceph training there is also a Advanced Ceph Training available.

The advanced Ceph training is focussed on developers who directly want to interact with librados, librbd or libcephfs using Python, Java or PHP. The PHP extension and Java bindings for librados were written by Wido den Hollander

This training is tailored to the wishes of the customer. Please contact us for more information.

Schedule 2017

For 2017 numerous public trainings are scheduled throughout Europe. In 2017 there will be a Ceph training in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, London and many other European cities. Check out the schedule for more details.

Apply for any of these trainings by contacting us on!

The schedule is available in PDF format here.


The pricing for the Ceph Basic and Advanced training are listed below. Trainings are given for a minimum attendees of 3 and a maximum of 8.

A total discount of € 250,- applies when signing up for both Basic and Advanced.

Basic Ceph training

  • 2-day Ceph training
  • € 1750,- per attendee
  • This includes location and lunch. In-house training receives a € 250,- discount.

Advanced Ceph training

  • 1-day Ceph training
  • € 1500,- per attendee

Training attendees

  • All traininges require at least 3 attendees with a maximum of 8.